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      Renewable Energy Solutions & Services

      Renewable Energy Solutions for a Cleaner Future

      With Duke Energy Renewables, you can reclaim your power and have an energy platform that moves more than electricity. Create a brighter, smarter future for your organization and the planet.

      Today's Leaders.
      Tomorrow's Heroes.

      Every day, we work with organizations that are making major commitments to sustainable energy solutions and renewable energy. "Today's Leaders. Tomorrow's Heroes." shares the stories of the people behind the goals.Each inspires us with their courage, tenacity and creative leadership.

      Clean Energy Solutions, Customized for Your Business Needs

      We are committed to a sustainable energy future

      We believe generating electricity from renewable resources will play an increasingly important role in the transition to cleaner energy for enterprise businesses and utilities, which is why we're committed to the following values.

      Project List

      Renewable Energy Projects

      Duke Energy Renewables has completed more than 99 projects in 17 states, totaling more than 2,900 MW of renewable energy. Please read our case studies to learn more about how we were able to provide renewable energy solutions for large companies, schools and utilities across the country.